What is FxCopier?

Ans: FXCOPIER is the most advanced remote trade copier solution in the Forex Industry. With more than 100+ features this is the ultimate solution for Forex Signal Providers as well as Forex Signal Follower. You can use our copier as a remote trade copier or as a local trade copier. Using our trade copier you can deliver your trading signal to your customer automatically to their MT4 platform. You may also use our copier software  for your personal trading purpose if you want to duplicate your trading position to another account.

What are the advantages of FxCopier?

ANS: FxCopier is one of the most effective tools for Signal Provider, Professional Trader as well as Fund Manager. Through these tools traders can easily send their traders to one MT4 account to another MT4 account. 

  • Easy Multiple Account Management: Using FxCopier you can easily manage multiple MT4 trading accounts at a time. This trade copier you can use like local and remote both ways. 
  • Easy Client Account Management: You have a worldwide client? no problem! Using FxCopier you can send your trade to worldwide clients through internet connection. 
  • User Friendly Dashboard : Through our user friendly dashboard you can easily manage all slave and Master Account. 
  • Notification Management: Manage all notifications from your Dashboard and account section easily.
  • Professional CopyTrade Service: Using FxCopier one can provide professional CopyTrade service to their clients. These tools can ensure client satisfaction with more than 100+ features and ultra first trade execution speed.
  • Effective Money Management: We have built in different money management approaches in both Slave and Master Copier. You can even use this copier for inverse trading.
  • Awesome Support System: We have a 24/7 professional support system in different channels including ticket, email, live chat, FB chat, Phone call.

What is the pricing of Master and Slave accounts?

ANS: Master account per month subscription price is $3/Monthly and Slave account price is $7/Monthly. But we are offering a massive discount on yearly subscription.

Is this Trade Copier supporting multiple remote slave accounts?

ANS: Yes, you can add an unlimited slave account at a time.  You can use all slave accounts as remote or local. Both ways our system will work.

Can I use this trade copier as my local trade copier?

Ans: Yes you can.

How many Master Accounts I can subscribe to?

Unlimited! We have no limitation on it.

Can I use multiple Master Accounts at a time in a single Slave account?

Yes, through our trade copier you can add multiple Master accounts at time in a single slave account. Our system will get all trades instantly.

Is this trade copier supporting MT5?

No! Right now this copier only works with MT4 and this is the well-known and most popular trading platform all over the world.

What kind of license FxCopier Provide?

FxCopier provides a monthly / Yearly subscription license for both Master MT4 account and Slave MT4 account.  We have both monthly and yearly plans.

Do I need a Forex VPS for running Trade Copier 24/7?

Yes, trade copiers need Forex VPS in terms of trade executions. To get low latency Forex VPS please check our highly recommended Forex VPS list where you can find less than 0.5 Ms latency from our Copier Server.

What forms of payment method FxCopier Support?

We support PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Perfect Money and Bitcoin. If you want to use Card Payment then you can process card payment through Paypal or Skrill. 

Is it possible to add credit balance in my account?

Yes you can add a credit balance in your FxCopier Account and this balance will be used for future recurring payment and subscription.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes you can cancel your subscription at any time. From your dashboard you can easily manage your subscription in the account management section.

How long it may take to activate my FxCopier?

Instantly! After successful subscription Trade Copier will be activate instantly. Then you need to configure FxCopier.

Which brokers does this service work with?

All of them. Make sure that your Broker support MT4.

Will you install FxCopier for me?

Yes! We can provide you on demand installation service fully free of cost. You can ask our live support team for that or you can open a support ticket.

How many trading accounts can I run at a time?

One slave for one MT4 (Trading Account) so if you subscribe one Slave then you can only connect one MT4 trading account.

Can I upgrade my current FxCopier plan?

You can upgrade monthly plan to yearly plan. To do that, go to your Active  Account section then check Subscription Tab then cancel current subscription and activate yearly plan by providing same account information. Check details in Knowledge Base section in the member areas.

How long does it take to set up a FxCopier?

This is instant. After completing subscription you can activate FxCopier Master or Slave account instantly.

Is there any setup or configuration required?

Yes, simple configuration. You need to install FxCopier Master/Slave copier by doing few mouse click.

How can I set Trade Copier in my VPS?

Installing FxCopier in your VPS is so simple. You need to copy FxCopier installer file in your VPS then simple install it then you can easily connect FxCopier EA in your MT4. After connecting FxCopier in MT4 chart then you need to put the license key and complete settings. Thats it.

Can you please install FxCopier in my VPS?

Sure! you can take installation help from our end with fully free of cost. Alternately all of our listed Forex VPS provider will help you to install FxCopier in your VPS.  Please contact VPS provider to do it during VPS installation.

Can I use Trade Copier with my EA?

Sure you can!

Can I become an affiliate for free?

Yes. For being an affiliate just register a Free Account and activate your affiliate account. It’s easy and free. But make sure that you are not referring yourself. We will verify each and every affiliate account.

How do I withdraw commissions?

We process withdrawals via any of our available payment processors. Alternatively, you can withdraw commissions in the form of FxCopier account credit, which can be used for any FxCopier service.

How much does FxCopier pay for referred sales?

We pay up to 10% commissions for ALL referred sales.

Can I use my affiliate commission for subscription payment?

Yes You can.

Does FxCopier provide marketing materials?

Yes. You can access FxCopier marketing materials from your affiliate Dashboard.

How to increase affiliate commission easily?

You need at least 50 active referral clients in order to activate higher commission structure.

Do you have a Refund Policy?

NO! We don’t have any refund policy. If you need to test our Copier Software then please try our demo before monthly subscription.

Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?

Yes, you can. You have the full control on it. You can do it from your member areas.

How to cancel my subscription?

You need to go > My Active Account Section > Renew Account > Cancel Subscription

Can I pay you in advance?

Yes you can pay in advance in any time. Your payment will be added in your Credit wallet automatically and that payment will be applied for your next available invoice.